Information About Us

Functioning primarily within the stationery, art and office furniture business channels, the group has developed a successful formula that serves as a sustainable platform for entrepreneurs wishing to establish themselves within a specific geographic location and enjoy the harmonious involvement of a larger, independently established ‘family’ business under the @OfficeWorld brand.

The @OfficeWorld® group adheres to codes of good practice and corporate governance, believing that a healthy business starts with transparency, checks-and-balances, fail proof systems and most important of all - a commitment to personal competence and professionalism.

Training and the sharing of experience, setting above average standards and leading by example are basic structures that the @OfficeWorld management endorses. Sound moral values are propagated by the conduct of all individuals and a recognition that for the group to prosper and grow, the directors, members, owners and management must balance their interest with all parties associated with their respective portfolios.

Commitment to making a positive and constructive contribution to the long-term sustainable development of the group and an expectation to report any deliquescing or misconduct, at what-ever level.

The group proudly supports associations who add value to our business channel, and participate enthusiastically to the advantage our customers:
• The Stationery Association - SHOPSA
• Local Business Forums

As part of the @OfficeWorld’s group marketing focus, opportunities are created for local consumer participation.

PROJECTS include;
An annual Art Competition
An annual ‘Supplier day’ where consumers experience first hand knowledge of new industry developments
Back to school – value added promotions for schools and scholars
An interior styling service for offices
The group also offers a comprehensive Furniture Catalogue
Please feel free to post any enquiries or service requirements – one of our trained sales teams would be happy to contact you.