Welcome to the @OfficeWorld® Group. Suppliers of quality stationery, office furniture and accessories, art material and gifting products. Committed to integrity, honesty and service.

@OfficeWorld® is fully supportive and committed to the concept equal development for all, and embracing the concept of Black Economic Empowerment, and have implemented a broad-based process, covering ownership, employment equity, management, skills development as well as a focused social responsibility and procurement structure. The founder and partners of this organization are fully PDI and sell to SMME’s, proudly recognising that what started as a ‘Family Business’ has grown to a BEE Empowered business with dependable partners. This unification, and formalisation of the @OfficeWorld group now enters a further phase of development - the group now consists of nine outlets with a structured expansion plan for a number of new outlets throughout South Africa.